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Calendar 2024-5
Calendar of Events :

27-31 March 2024: Holy Week Retreat
Lifesprings Spirituality Centre, Singapore

   A retreat in the final week leading up to the Passion of Christ and to prepare for Easter.  We will trace the footprints of Jesus and accompany Him to the fulfillment of God’s Will and Work for Him and for the world.

9-17 July 2024: PIT-Stop Retreat
7 Fountains, Chiangmai, Thailand

   A retreat for people in transition with components for living in the 2nd half of life. Teaching materials will focus on human developments and the seasons of life alongside biblical meditation and reflection, to help us see the fullness of Life in Christ.

24-30 June 2024: Reel Retreat
7 Fountains, Chiangmai, Thailand

   This retreat uses selected relevant movies as reflection materials alongside biblical passages.  Ample time for personal reflection and contemplation, along with a one-to-one session.

12-21 December 2024: Advent Retreat
7 Fountains, Chiangmai, Thailand

   A yearly retreat event that is very popular with a focus on traveling with the biblical community leading up to the 1st Advent, the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Biblical meditation and reflection, along with one-to-one sessions, assist in preparing us to pay attention to the daily coming of the Lord in our midst.

28 Dec 2024 – 6 Jan 2025: Crossover XI Retreat
7 Fountains, Chiangmai, Thailand

   Another very popular annual retreat to reflect on the year past and to welcome the dawning of the new year.  A special Watch Night Service with Communion is celebrated on 31 Dec at midnight to crossover—ample time for personal reflection amidst silence and solitude and one-to-one sessions.

Please Note :
As each retreat has limited rooms, please email early for Application Form.
Thank you.


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