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Marilyn Baker - All I want to do (The Father's Song of Love)

All I want to do is to bless You

All I want to do is pour out my love

To show you how dear You are to me

For me there is no other

To me you are a pearl of great price

How I love to be with You

Sharing the hopes and thoughts of my heart

To walk with You always close by my side

In harmony together

I cherish You as the apple of my heart

I made you to be in the image of me

The height of all my creation

Love and beauty are real

Pain and sadness you feel

You can know the thoughts of my heart

We're not meant to live apart

One day you'll know me completely

Tears and confusion will all melt away

The closeness we'll share is beyond compare

The richness of being together

The joy and peace of everlasting love

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