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Listening Inn is an Interior Mission of Intimacy with Christ, with the Focus on Soul-caring and Soul-curing so that in doing this – to love God with all our soul, heart, strength and mind – we will live to the fullness of life to love our neighbors as ourselves along life's highways and byways.

“They also serve who only stand and wait”

 “On His Blindness” by John Milton

Fearful that his blindness will prevent him from doing God’s work, the personification of Patience in his poem tells him that even his idleness is beneficial to God if he continues to possess faith.

During times of retreat we too serve though we “only stand and wait” and do nothing.  Prayer is a gift of grace, solely the work of God.  Our price is to come to this “thin place” away from what’s familiar and the cost of showing up, just as we are; no fig leaves and no hiding behind trees of knowledge.  But stepping out with our trembling fear and naked shame, wade into the fuller salvation of our soul.

In silence and solitude we come to know God and His plan of love, seeking to hear our voice and listen to our prayers that He may increase our longing for more of Him with our whole heart!  And then to participate in God’s work as He renews the faith of His Church and the face of His earth.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Lord, grant us this grace :
Ears to hear and eyes to see
Glimpses of Your Eternity
In the midst of our humanity

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

A virgin-heart so redeemed
Always with room in the Inn
To receive You within
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

The joy of angelic chorus
Heard by shepherds nameless
Now Your good news of Peace to witness

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Drawing those from afar in the dark
Your message of new life in a Spark
Nations worshiping You with treasure from the heart

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

As Your Church be a faithful guide
Full of Your Spirit, not human might
To live the “end time” now in daily stride
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

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Welcome to Listening Inn

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